Prevention and management of diabetes

Prevention and management of diabetes

Diabetes is manageable but for that patients have to be aware of its complications and treatment procedures. People should participate in programs and knowledge camps to learn more about the disease. Though the disease is not curable it is manageable.

Let’s look at what are some useful herbs for diabetes management?
There are some herbs that have been clinically researched for controlling diabetes, actually, there are many herbs that can manage your insulin secretion but the problem is most of them lack in research.

  1. Ocimum Sanctum (Holy Basil)

  2. Salvia officinalis (sage)

  3. Aloe Vera

  4. Ginseng (Ashwagandha)

  5. Okra

    So, these are some useful herbs and plants which are most likely to manage your blood glucose levels effectively.

Let’s check some  Modern Approach for Diabetes Management

  • Weight management.

  • Eating and exercise habits.

  • Urination abnormalities.

  • Blood pressure measurements.

  • Examination of fingers, hands, feet, and toes for circulatory abnormalities.

  • Blood tests for fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and A1c.

  • For vision abnormalities, make a check for eye abnormalities.

The patients have another choice to manage or treat their disease. The technical phase one of the most helpful technique uses of e-health apps. 

Cankado patient app are playing a significant role in healthcare enabling the technique of complex healthcare applications and provide instant care to patients wherever they are and whatever the circumstance is.

The blood sugar app reduces the distance between the doctors and patients, allowing the patients to consult over the mobile app platform and visit only once it is recommended by the doctor and prevents them from unnecessary visits to the doctor’s clinic. Blood sugar app helps health care improve access and maintenance of health records which help health care professionals to make more appropriate diagnoses and better treatment.

How do I get rid of diabetes?
Regular physical activity, monitoring blood glucose level and making dietary changes can all help to keep blood glucose levels within range. Remember its how your blood glucose levels are over longer periods of time rather than on any particular day. It is important to attend regular check-ups, where several things will be measured not just blood glucose such as blood pressure, kidney function, cholesterol levels, eye screening, and foot checks. These tests are all part of the care for someone with diabetes and enable health care professionals to give you the most appropriate advice based on your individual circumstances.



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