First e-health platfrom for cancer care in germany
cankado First e-health platfrom for cancer care in germany

First e-health platfrom for cancer care in germany

CANKADO is the first open eHealth platform for oncology. Research and development teams are welcome to realize their projects on the basis of this platform. It is meant to support standard care and research projects as well as accompanying measures which serve the patients‘ well-being. Own ideas or concepts can be incorporated or realized on the basis of CANKADO. 

We have evaluated the actual use of the internet and modern media in breast cancer patients and their healthcare professionals in order to better understand the needs of patients and oncologists participating in breast cancer treatment. The vast majority of patients and almost all physicians use the internet for an issue. Even at the age of 70 years and above, more than half of all patients have access to the internet. About half of the patients would be interested in implementing an online support system during their cancer treatment. This wide-spread routine use of the internet and modern media, as well as the trust in new interactive communication tools in patients as well as physicians, may enable improvements in a doctor-patient relationship, compliance, and adherence and suggest that eHealth tools may have a promising future in communication and treatment in oncology.

In conclusion, initial experiences show that cancer patients and their physicians are open for new web-based systems to support their communication and thus potentially enhance therapy adherence. Web-based eHealth tools for physician-patient interaction carry great promise but need to take numerous legal aspects into account. Next to individual countries’ legislation, the European data protection directive for electronic communication 2002/58/EG needs to be observed. Moreover, data security, pharmacovigilance, therapeutics advertising act, and medical devices act have to be considered. Once these issues are solved, novel eHealth will become essential parts of future oncological management. In order not just to capture patients’ and physicians’ interest temporarily but also to maintain this interest during therapy, mere information provision is not sufficient. Intelligent tools will need to apply gamification in order to succeed in clinical practice.


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