As diabetes can be only controlled by continuous monitoring, all diabetes patients have to be associated with laboratories for various tests at one point or the other. Do you know that the majority of doctors are getting angry by phone calls? because every day they attending more than 100 calls. that is also a disturbance for their profession. The Internet has turned out to be progressively significant for day by day use over the globe.

CANKADO focusses on developing eHealth platforms that connect doctors and patients. We have both Web and Mobile based applications for doctors and patients. Presently in India CANKADO gives emphasis on Diabetes. We have diabetologists registered with cankado and their patients using cankado for managing their diabetes and improve the quality of life.

Advantages for CANKADO Patients

  • Reducing the number of visits to the lab
  • Prioritize CANKADO patients at the lab (Reducing test waiting periods)
  • Having Laboratories listed in the patient app, a patient can see all tests under a particular center, this would save time for the patient not visiting wrong labs or branches
  • Getting all the test reports at your fingertips
  • Historical test results also available
  • On any kind of medical emergencies, immediate data is available.

CANKADO is a web-based application for digital therapy management and the electronic assessment of patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) in Diabetes. CANKADO connects the physician and the patient, thus establishing a low-barrier communication of treatment-relevant information in the process of therapy. The CANKADO App provides a lot of the functions available in the web-based application and is the perfect mobile support.

In India has Electronic wellbeing (eHealth) and portable wellbeing, as present-day components of patient administration, are improving the emotionally supportive networks for a wide range of sicknesses.

eHealth applications are in effect effectively utilized in industrialized nations. Especially in endless infections, for example, hypertension, heart disappointment, or constant obstructive aspiratory illness, numerous examinations exhibit that patients could profit by utilizing on the web eHealth emotionally supportive networks.

This is why doctors recommend the cankado app

A doctor can view all test results of patients in CANKADO and Comparison of historical test results is also possible.

Numerous eHealth-related research contemplates have shown that patients experiencing diabetes mellitus exhibit positive, and regularly critical, enhancements in treatment. As revealed by Appel et al, on account of heftiness among grown-ups, weight reduction in the interventional gathering was higher than in the control aggregate without such help. Support your therapy with CANKADO, the digital patient diary


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