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The diagnosis of the disease is scary and stressful regardless of the type of diseases and their outcomes. Receiving treatment also particularly challenging. To scrutinize, proper diagnosis and treatment are essential for the personalized well being and happiness of individuals. So choose a personalized happiness track by attaining sound health using this app. This provides the best way to manage personal medical care by connecting patients with physicians. Besides, mobilizing your medications can be done using the cankado app. Features that allow storing and tracking of health are available. In addition,useful and detailed guide is provided to patients.

 Fever and its rising concern

Fever is a sign that the body exhibits when something out of ordinary going to happen in your body. It should not be necessarily treated. It is less concern unless reaches 103F or higher. Although, it is unpleasant if it reaches a dangerous level even if untreated. It can be scary at times if temperature spike beyond limits. Hence diagnosis and medication are the straightforward steps. Diagnosis can be done monitoring body temperature.

Are you aware of this smart thermometer?

Fever scout, a new kind of fever thermometer monitors your body temperature in real-time. Fever scout constantly monitors your body temperature and acts when the fever spikes. The following health gadget works together with your smartphone to help you stay fit. This innovative health gadget features a rechargeable base, reusable and is compatible with all smartphones. This device has a stick-on patch worn under the armpit and extremely easy to use.

Working Principle of Fever Scout

  • Continual body temperature can be monitored placing a fever scout patch under the armpit.

  • This value can be sent via Bluetooth or wifi to Cankado Patient app


Precautions for the usage of fever scout:

1. Do not use the device in wounded or irritated skin

2. Do not use the device if it cannot stay in contact with the skin.

3. Do not bend or twist patch.

4. Wear the patch under the armpit.

5. Prevent the exposure of patch ambient temperature as inaccurate temperature readings can result.


1.Soft patch: The flexible patch is so soft

2.Easy to carry: Compatible size 

3.Continuous remote monitoring: Tracks and alerts your body temperature seamlessly through your smartphone

4.Rechargeable battery: A cableless charging clock(3 AAA batteries) available

5.History: Track temperature to see real-time improvement

6.Re-usable: Reusing is one of the key features.

7.FDA Approved: The product is FDA-approved.

Start your health goal using CANKADO app

Cankado runs numerous applications designed to provide health services and monitoring of one’s health. Body temperature can be monitored using fever scout and medications are tracked right in Cankado app. The accompanying fever thermometer allows you to keep a history of your body shares them with your doctor by connecting it with the cankado patient app. The data collected and analyzed allow users not just to keep track of their own health but also help manage it. Hence, it is easy to keep track of your health with professional  


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